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Anthony Cook is a filmmaker from Cincinnati, Ohio. He earned his MFA degree in Filmmaking at New York Film Academy in Burbank, CA. 

For his thesis project he wrote/directed/produced his first feature film "Wal-bob's". Anthony went to the American Film Market and sold "Wal-bob's that is currently available to watch on Tubi at Anthony produced a web-series for Lionsgate and Kevin Hart titled "Dead House" working with Andrew Bachelor, who’s online personal is @kingbach, on that and other projects for over 7 years. 

Anthony teaches writing, directing and producing with over 9 years of experience for the Cinematography Department at NYFA.  

The latest project is a feature film entitled “This Land” in which Anthony was a Producer.  Here is a link to the film’s official site:  His website is and IMDB credits are under Anthony Cook V. 

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Let's make our own reality.

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